Case Studies

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Livestream Application

  1. Client: Japan
  2. Programing Language: Kotlin, Swift, TypeScript, HTML, CSS
  3. Technologies & Frameworks: Android SDK, iOS SDK, React
  4. Description:

This is a project to create an application that allows streamers and viewers to chat in real-time. Viewers can give gifts and compliments to their favorite streamers. This application also has many impressive highlights such as:

  • Simple operation so even beginners can easily register, stream, and watch
  • Anyone can watch and comment, free to talk to anyone anytime, 24 hours a day
  • The 24-hour monitoring system helps to patrol the app 24 hours a day so that users can use it safely and securely
  • Users can watch the distribution of a wide range of genres, such as chat, music, games, models, V-rivers, and fortune-telling
  • Friends function: helps to create a chat room in the app and talk with various users
  • Users can share photos on their timeline
  • Equipped with beauty effects at the time of delivery. Users can easily distribute even without makeup
  • Mask function: users can easily distribute without showing their face
  • Voice distribution function: users feel free to enjoy voice distribution if they are worried about your appearance
  • Collaboration distribution function: allows users to talk with each other
  • Face recognition effect: add cute effects to the distribution screen
  • PC distribution using OBS Studio: can stream games from your PC.
  • Extensive support for mothers