Our Service

In many industries, technology is radically changing the way businesses work.
At Teneocto, with our experts, we’re providing solutions and services to help you do that.

What we offer

Web App Development

We help you seamlessly implement a new web application. With our skilled IT experts, we are ready to satisfy the most sophisticated demands of your project at every stage from needs analysis to support and evolution.

Mobile App Development

Specializing in consulting, designing, and developing mobile applications for global customers, we are convinced that we can manage any request and project nature of our clients, no matter what field your organization is in or what kind of market they are in.

Offshore Software Development

Software development services are your possibility to outsource software engineering and support and get maintainable, secure, and impactful software at the best price. We deliver a full-cycle software solution of development, deployment, and support with cutting-edge technologies.

Web3 Development

We offer web3 development services for building decentralized applications and blockchain connection services like smart contract development, crypto wallet creation, asset tokenization platform development, and other private blockchain developments. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing the best solutions including deploying and customizing applications on up-to-date platforms.

How we work


Why us


With many years of experience in Information Technology, we are trusted by global customers for our commitment, quality processes, engineering competencies, and willingness to learn fast. Be assured that you’re working with smart experts who have strong teamwork skills.


Not just you, we care about your users as well. By understanding your vision, values, challenges, and objectives, we advise the best solutions for you to achieve sustainable success.

Optimized cost

With a combination of high productivity, high quality, quick time-to-market, and competitive prices, we deliver real value for money.