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At Teneocto, we respect every moment of our employees by building a positive and creative environment.

All About Te-abreak Event

Tea break, also known as the tea party or sweets party, or more generally called refreshments, is a break to re-energize with snacks and drinks. Tea break usually occurs in the middle of working hours, or between long meetings. Sharing sweets and chatting helps to connect with others and to improve mood after concentration time. Inspired by these tea parties, in Teneocto, every month, we have an event called Te-abreak. "Te" stands for Teneocto and "abreak" means a break, a period of time stopping working for connecting and relaxing.

Te-abreak is held monthly, on special anniversaries, or on the second Wednesday of the month. This event lasted for a period of 30-45 minutes depending on the company's schedule. Normally, the event will be held at Teneocto's office, however, we also aim to constantly change the venue and format of the event to bring quality experiences to the members of the company.

During the event, to help Teners re-energize after stressful working hours, we always prepare party tables filled with sweets and fruits. The snacks are also changed constantly so that everyone always has new experiences. Besides, Teners will also participate in many interesting games together. In particular, the members are also invited to join in the preparation of the event or become game hosts. This is also a way for members to have the opportunity to express themselves more as well as improve their ability to communicate, lead and increase their confidence.

Not only giving Teners a short break to temporarily leave the keyboard, and temporarily put aside the deadlines to relax and recharge, Te-abreak is also a time when all members have opportunities to connect with other colleagues, thereby understanding each other better. In order to successfully organized this event, we always try to listen and adjust to prepare the most thoughtful event so that everyone involved feels the best and has more memorable experiences.



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